Why is my static mesh with material too bright

Hi weberl. Add to metallic and roughness, multiply node from math for each channels. And use multyplayer for more (>1) or less(1<) effect.

I have a blueprint with a static mesh which I use as a door - but the Material is too bright it looks like it is glowing in the dark, as you can see in the screenshot.

The textures I use are all 8bit .tga files and the lightning is built.
All textures are generated in Substance Painter and in Painters preview everything looks fine as you can see.

I can’t find out what I did wrong. Any Idea?

Thank you! I added some more multiply nodes and changed the base color map from .tga to .png with sRGB on.
I am quite pleased with the results now. Although I need some more áttribute tweeking .

But I am a bit disapointed that the substance painter materials still need ‘that much’ cleanup after the export.
See is the result.