Why is my project always compiling shaders, when i start it ?

I had same problem. In my case editor was installed on not main drive.
You can try open editor with admin permissions, after this shaders will be saved “permanently”.

Hey there,

I have an problem with my unreal engine. Every time i start my project and i see my default level it compiles 16.000 shaders. The thing is that only small static meshes are compiling, the rest is already compiled, but still it compiles 16.000 shaders. Is that a bug or is there an solution to this, so it only compiles one time ?

Thank you in Advance

Why does this issue seem to be abandoned by UE Devs. I tried to search everywhere, and no valid answer has been made.
I tried to delete the Derived Data Cache or that thing inside the Appdata, butt the issue still appearing on startup.

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same to u