Why is my computer shutting completely off while building lighting *Not a heating issue

My PC:
AMD Ryzen 1700X
ASUS Prime B350M-E Ryzen AM4
Crucial 16GB 2X8 D4 2400 SPLIT CL1
Samsung E 250GB
WD 1TB 3.5 Mainstrm Blue HD
Corsair CXM 650W 80+B SM PSU
MS OEM windows 10 pro 64BIT OEM
MSI GTX1050 2GB OC Dual fan

I started using UE4 about 2 months ago. Game Development. Started with small spaces, I had zero problems with that until i added the *Kite Demo’*s Foliage. My computer would shut right off after adding even the smallest amounts. So i decided to make my own and it worked just fine. After i got a good feel on things i started developing my open world. I have taken every precaution to reduce polygons and still i cant set more than approx 100 static mesh without shutting my computer completely down while building lighting.

So i forced no recomputed lighting and decided to rebuild. I decided to go back in because i wasn’t liking my lighting quality and now i have over 3000 objects that need to be rebuilt. i don’t want to have to start over but don’t want to continue if i have to start over. Please Assist!

This really sounds like hardware issue, you sure temperature is ok? As i know Ryzen halts with still power on motherboard so fans still working when it stops?

I’m positive the temperature is ok. The PC shuts down completely, even the fan. I have to power back on and reboot everything, almost like i hard restarted the machine.

Belay that, i downloaded a new way to check my temperature, and at 13% lighting built my temperature jumps up to 87C. So upgrade time. Thank you for your input.

My next question would be, Do I absolutely have to build the lighting to complete a game?

You could try to use the windows power settings to lower the maximum allowed power to the CPU

Ill check that out. Maybe that could end up saving me some money.