Why is my Atmospheric and Exponential Fog disapearing from the world while they are still placed in the world?

I am currently building a game and have had two versions of the engine break the fogs that I have placed in the world to get a nice atmospheric effect. I was able to set them both up the way I want and place a post processing volume around an area and get the look I was going for. But for some reason, when I started placing objects into the world and making new sub-levels to organize, the fogs effects stopped working and the sun and skybox have been blown out to the point where I have to compensate inside of the post processing volume.

I have tried making a new base level from scratch and adding a new set of fogs, but even those new ones wont show up. I don’t know what exactly is going on and I just spent a day porting my game and all of the assets and blueprints up from 4.9, so if there is a way to not have to do that again to get it all the way up to 4.11, that would be awesome.