Why Is Building The Lighting Crashing UE?

Currently I am working on my second ArchViz project with UE 4.

The geometry of the environment was built in MODO, imported as FBX, and textured using Substances in UE 4.4

When trying to build the lighting before adding the props, it would go all the way to 100% before completely crashing out. With the recent release of 4.6 I decided to upgrade the project and see if it fixes the issue. Unfortunately it hasn’t.

Based on the log located here at pastebin: UE 4.6 Lighting Build Crash - Pastebin.com

Is there anything you can see that stands out as the cause of the issue? I’m looking to show off some of this work in the New Year and I’m curious as to whether it is user error, or a bug in the engine.

Thanks so much!


Have you tried building the lights after giving the editor’s default white material to all of your meshes? I see some warnings regarding some materials so that helps narrow it down.