Why doesn't bAlwaysRelevant prevent character from losing network relevancy when behind BSP geometry?

Hi, I am working on a project based off of the C++ shooter game tutorial. I’m trying to add a character with a large skeletal mesh attached to it. With the large skeletal mesh, I’m observing that the character disappears and reappears on the screen very frequently whenever there’s a piece of geometry in between the viewport and the character. After doing some research, I found the following wiki page: Everything you ever wanted to know about replication (but were afraid to ask) - Unreal Wiki and it appears this is happening due to item #8 under the checks for network relevancy (8. If there is BSP geometry between the client’s view location and the actor’s center (!), the actor is not relevant.).

This seems like a perfectly reasonable check, but in this particular case, the result looks very glitchy, so I’ve attempted to set the bAlwaysRelevant flag on my new character. I did this in both the blueprint and in the constructor in the C++ parent class. Setting the flag via either method doesn’t appear to affect the network relevancy checks and I still see my character disappear when partially occluded by geometry. After this, I tried overriding the IsNetRelevantFor method for my character to always return true, but this doesn’t seem to alter any of the checks either. Am I missing something here?