Why does the editor hang when building lighting?

When I try to build lighting, the editor locks up. This happens even in simple maps and in the ExampleGame project. Is there a trick to building lighting?

The editor can hang when building lighting after first opening Swarm if Rocket is being used on a PC with a non-admin account. With restricted privileges, you can’t alter files in the Program Files directory. In this case, SwarmAgent is trying to create log and cache files. We are looking into a work-around for future beta releases.

Still working on downloading the whole system (wow the ftp server is not very fast :smiley: ), but a couple of suggestions to avoid running as admin:

Install to somewhere that isn’t \Program Files\

-and/or- for future updates, store log and cache in a directory in %TEMP% or %APPDATA%

Although I understand the desire to keep everything related to a single installation in a single directory, if ultimately it is desired to install to \program files\ then someday data will have to be stored outside of the program directory :slight_smile:

ExampleGame is a bit large at a little over 2 GB. We’ll be trying to decrease the size of samples to make the download process a bit easier.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve added the “feedback” tag to this post so we can forward on your notes.