Why does Orthographic projection scale appear to disagree with UE4 units?

I ran across this building my meshes and struggling to understand which units to trust. The distance in the Orthographic projects appears to be 50% shorter than the same distance measured in unreal engine units.

In the attached screenshot I have a default Tutorial Character (on its side to align with the Orthographic distance key), which is 180cm/180units and scaled in all dimensions is set to 1.0.

The Orthographic distance key shows the Tutorial Character is only ~1.3 meters or 130cm tall.

This example is using out-of-the-box control from UE, no

imports from other tools.

Is the Orthographic distance key simply wrong and I should trust UE units?

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I find it funny no one seems to pick up on this. When I measure the scale with my middle-mouse-button the result is off by a third. When the scale shows 10m and I measure it, I get 1500 uu => 1500 cm…

This happens when your UI scale in Windows is set to something other than 100%

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Haha, that’s plausible.
Still worth it to correct in the engine code…maybe not a high priority, but still.

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Yeah that would be nice :frowning: