Why does my packed game look different to PIE?

Hi guys, Please could you advise me on why my game might look so different after packaging compared to how it looks playing from the editor?

The main problem seems to be the reflection, the other lighting seems okay. The second image shows how the packaged game looks. The reflections are extremely buggy.

I’ve tried packaging to both Windows 32 and 64 with same results.

Engine version: 4.9.2
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit | Intel 6600 2.4 | 8GB RAM | NVidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti

Thank you for your help!

I think it’s just the reflections only that are the problem. The materials themselves look okay. Reflections in part of the level look okay depending on the angle I look at walls and then as I turn, the buggy reflections merge in and out.

The game otherwise functions correctly too.

Maybe it has something to do with the reflection capture sphere? Or the actual reflection image?

If you could point out what is buggy about it, that would help. It just looks a bit stronger to me.

When there are graphical differences between the editor and the packaged game, it usually arises from Scalability Settings (settings> Engine Scalability Settings). Make sure everything is set to Epic in order to see what the end result should look like. Maybe your Effects setting was turned to Low?

I figured it out in the end. It was the ‘Screen Space Reflections’ that were causes the visual bugs. I set the intensity to 0 and that has eradicated the problem.

Still, it’s strange that this hasn’t shown up in PIE.

StephaBon, does that sound like something that could be effected by scalability settings you mention? I will check over those anyway, but the problem is otherwise, seemingly, resolved.

Thank you!

StephaBon, Thank you for your answer! Please see below answer :slight_smile:

Glad you fixed it. SSR is usually a great feature, so I might try to tweak the settings rather than disable it completely. It does sound like the editor would disable it completely if your scalability settings are turned down, because they can be a performance hog sometimes.

If your material is very rough, then you definitely shouldn’t be seeing the reflections that way, but maybe your material is shiny and the lack of quality reflections makes it seem rough.