Why does light appear on objects even though I made them unvisible?

Hey, I have a problem with light. Well, I created an actor and added an object and light to it.
I want to make the light turn on at the touch of a button.
However, when the light is off, there is still a glow on the subject which does not exist when I remove the light source. Light is stationary, with lightmass.
Can you advise me something?

With light:


Without light: (effect what i want)



The ambient glow could come from an active Skylight actor or, if you already deleted/disabled all light sources, from outdated lightmaps. See if rebuilding lights helps.

Stationary light bakes its lighting information when you build lights just like a static light source. when you turn it off(set intensity to 0) it will stop lighting dynamic objects but baked static lighting information will stay. If that candle is the only light source in the room and you want pitch black darkness you need to use a movable light source, or create a separate post process volume for the room and set Global Illumination Intensity to 0 when you turn off the stationary light.

The object is located in a closed room, and the light was rebuilt every time I made the change.
This problem does not appear when i use movable light, but i dont want to use it.

I was afraid of that. Well, I’m going to have to use the movable option. Thanks for help :smiley: