Why Does Dynamic Directional Light pause @ 90/-90 while the speed is under 10?

I have set up a rotating light source to act as a sun in my level and rebuilt the lighting as well as set a working intensity swap for the sunset/sunrise. Everything works fine and the sun rotation never hangs up unless my speed variable for the rotator is under 10. Once I go under 10 which is multiplied by the delta seconds to a make rotator, it freezes momentarily at ±90.

I believe I have it resolved though I’m not yet sure why exactly this happens. Take out the delta seconds multiplier from the commonly found sun tutorial that I have seen for day/night cycles and you simply do a clamp or even a standard float to plug into the make rotator node. The issue is that when you pass a float into the Y axis to rotate the sun around the world, it stops rotating once you get to a certain angle. I am looking for a much longer day/night cycle so as the image shows attached, I set a float to .005 and set the angle to increase to 91 or -91 because it gets stuckand jumping to those advances the rotation. However, if you are looking to do a real-time cycle, you will have to set the angle advancement lower as when I set my float to .001 the rotator stops somewhere around 89.6.