Why does a Blueprint for dynamic material not receive light?

Hi i was able to set a blue print with a box triger close to the wall so you where able to change the color just when you are in close range of the object. This it seems to work on a test i did early. But when i move it to the Real Render sen probidet by UE4. Color and lighting change drasticly, not even casting the light from a spotlight, also the color if I set it to be the same as the Father material gets darker almost grey beeing almost white the Father.

A solution i did find was to put a lot of walls in the same spot with thiferent colors and make them togle visibility each time i pres a number. That way they recive the proper lighting but it is really messy becous all is made in the level blueprint and not by color variable.

Tanks for the time.

Finaly found the solution to the problem i did had the mesh to movable object insted of static mesh, on the bluprint, that did fix the color isiues and lights.

This blue material is the same as the one on my first post, that was a drastic change.

I hope it helps somebody.