Why do the shaders and landscape try to compile every time I open my level?

I’m new to UE4 and im currently creating a landscape.

1st: Every time I open my level about 3k shaders have to compile, then when i click on landscape mode about 90k shaders have to compile. Is this normal? It takes my comp about 2 hours to compile

2nd: Even after the shaders are done compiling, and I do a full build, sections of my landscape show the default material instead of the material ive painted on. How can i fix this?

Update, I figured out if i try to add more than 2 materials to a section the material reverts back to default and no longer shows what i painted

Ok I’ve answered my own questions now.

  1. Use a landscape material instance! It will save a ton of compiling time

  2. I was using weight layer infos with alpha blend nodes, so im assuming somewhere in there i messed myself up