Why do static lights turn white after build?

Hi guys,
I have set the following 2 lights to Static so that they didn’t clash with another nearby point light.
I was wondering why after building the light turns from blue to white?
Here is an example of what I mean:

At the moment I have set them back to stationary and this is working fine, but I am just wondering why it doesn’t work for static.


Hello robochrish,

It sounds like you have a bug on your hands, but to be sure would you mind providing me with some more information on how you got to this point. I attempted to reproduce what you are experiencing in my own test project, but with no luck. What I did was create a couple of point lights some color added to them. I converted them from Stationary to Static Lights and saw no color change.

Also which version of the engine are you working with? I tested in 4.5.1


Hi Andrew,
Sorry for the late reply.
To get to this point I simply created a couple of point lights with a blue colour.
I placed them under a static mesh, as they are supposed to be caused by a device under the mesh that makes it hover.

I just built the lighting and it was white. When I changed it from static to stationary the blue came back.
I don’t think I can keep them as stationary as it is causing a conflict and causing the red X to appear.
I’m using version 4.5.0.

Hey again robochrish,

No worries. Have you tried updating to the 4.5.1 build. It had some hotfixes that might resolve your issue, and was considered the final build for that release.

If that does not work, we can try something else.


For those running into this issue, ill post my solution here since there are several issues.

  1. It’s known that a fully metallic material will cause this issue.

  2. Static lighting relies on diffuse. I was having a problem where I was faking gi by using emission in my underground material. The problem was that my base color was almost black and my emission was too bright. It wasn’t allowing the color to show through.