Why do some surfaces have dark lighting?

For some reason a bunch of the objects in my scene are rendering with really terrible lighting. I checked the UVs and they are good, indirect lighting intensity for the sun is at 50, light bounces at 8, lightmap density for the objects is good, everything seems fine. Other areas in the same room are well lit and look excellent so why are these objects rendering so poorly?

First image shows problem area, second two show areas with good lighting.

Looks like a lightmap bleeding problem to me. Try to increase the lightmap resolution of those objects in the details panel:

Did you only check the normal UV’s, or did you check the lightmap UV’s aswell? You might have to manually edit your lightmap UV’s (2nd UV channel), but in general, increasing the resolution should fix this.

  • maybe you also have lightmap compression turned on which can produce bad results…