Why Do Objects Get Darker The Closer I Get?

Simple question with what I reckon is a simple answer, but I can’t seem to figure it out! I have an ExponentialHeightFog in my scene which my best render angle is set up with, but now that I want to take some close up shots I realise my close ups get darker! I played with what I believe to be all the settings in my ExponentialHeightFog but nothing seems to work. I would’ve thought it would have been one of the view distance options but apparently not. Any advice? Seems like this should be a straight forward one.

It seems like it isn’t a problem with the exponantial height fog but with your auto exposure instead. In your camera under Details/Lens/AutoExposure, try setting your Min Brightness and Max Brightness both to the same value (1 for example) and your exposure bias to something fitting. Then see if it still it still changes as you get closer.