Why do my lightmaps screw up randomly when I bake?

So basically I have a scene setup, and my lightmaps are fine, custom lightmap uvs setup, and I have them baked correctly, but every now and again when I’m tweaking lights and I have to rebake my shadows come out all distorted, I just want to know why it’s happening because I can’t recreate it?

It’s happened 3 times randomly in the last week and I’ve just been loading the last version of the scene and continuing doing what I did before, but it doesn’t screw up. The images show the normal and broken shadows (same lightmap size and global resolutions).


I’m not sure, but you can try to disable texture streaming in the editor. I think the editor loads the map of shadows with low resolution and your shadows looks like broken shadows.

You see the broken shadows, if you start the game in stanalone mode?

Hey, thanks for the reply, good shout dude!

I turned off texture streaming and the shadows broke again, must’ve been turned off somehow when the shadows were breaking like that before. Now I know what to check in future.