why do my emissives fade on distance?

Hi guys, i have some a blueprint setup for my lights that is connected to my my material instance. I have a multiplier on my emissive value to make it bloom but it seems to be really inconsistent when in game… it tends to fade in and out depending on how far i am to it? is there any way of changing this please?


There are multiple reasons why a brightness value can fade with distance.

One is fog/atmospherics.

Another is that the object is smaller on the screen.

The bloom effect looks approximately like “subtract 1.0 from the rendered color values, then blur what you have left, multiply by a dirt screen, and add back some percentage to the screen.” (It’s likely a little more involved than that, but that’s how I think of it.) Thus, the more pixels you have that are over-bright, the bigger area the blur will cover, and the more noticeable it will be.

You could multiply your object emissive by a bigger value as the object is further away from the camera, if you want to keep some blur. Or you could draw a blur decal and project it to the screen as an overlay (beware when your object is occluded, though.)