Why do I see shadow seams and color discontinuity?


Posting here as I’ve run out of ideas on how to fix this, there’s a map I’m working on where lighting on the meshes has got screwed up. (see image)

All the lightmpas are set up right (UVs snapped to the grid at the edges), the meshes are just planes, changing the lightmap resolution doesn’t change anything other than the build time. I’m using a Stationary Directional light in order to the get the room lit up, using a dynamic light fixes the issues but most of the room is dark. I’ve noticed that only the meshed affected by indirect lighting are causing the problem.


The top image shows the ceiling tiles and the some of the floor tiles being affected, as well as light highlights on some of the meshes.

The bottom image shows the floor tiles being affected by direct and indirect lighting

Oh and I’m using 4.1

I would appreciate any help in this, and if you need more information, I’ll provide what I can.



Hi AngelofDeath,

There is a similar post on this here.

This is an situation where there is no clear answer to fix. There are settings you can tweak in the lightmass settings under world settings detail panel along with having good lightmaps.

It is suggested when using modular assets that you have the seams be on corners or using other geometry to place over the seams.

Follow the other thread as I delve into this more I’m posting any updates there.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Hi ,

I am having a similar problem and I looked at pretty much everything on the web for an answer but I can’t find one, so Im coming to you.

I saw that you’ve helped several people with the same problem, but for me it fixes it then recurs later. At this point having lightmaps and high lightmap resolutions are not doing any good for me

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