Why do I keep seeing a weird graphical glitch in my viewport?

GPU temps all within limits?

Hi Frozenfire,

Along with Crow87’s suggestion, does your graphics card meet the min specs? And if it does, try updating the drivers.

Let us know if it keeps happening.

I just realized this glitch keep popping up after updating to 4.1 . It happens very consistently .
A video demonstrating this could be found at :

I’ve just updated drivers and it seems to not show up today. I’ll update if it comes again. I’m using HD3870. I’m pretty sure it’s on specs.

not sure. but it’s pretty standard, no other symptoms. I’ve also worked on UE4 for longer period than this.

Just for tracking purposes I am going to make this an answer and mark it as resolved. If the issue pops up again just post back here and let us know.

Thanks, TJ