why do i have 2 suns and my sky sphere has a weird seam?

I cant figure out why I have 2 suns… SOLVED: Solution: The skysphere world location wasnt centered at x:0 y:0 z:0.

I have 1 skysphere. 1 directional light. 1 skylight.

For some reason I have 1 sun from my skysphere and another random sun from??? I have no idea… SOLVED

also there’s a seam sometimes visible in the sky-sphere where clouds disappear and reappear.

and the sun bloom is just a solid beam of light… SOLVED

Any Ideas?

EDIT: The Sun beam was fixed. I had the bloom shaft checked. still need help with the seam…

Hi, for the seam, if the texture you use for the skysphere does not tile, then you would have a seam (where the left side of the texture meets the right side). Also if your texture does tile, but you change the UV tiling, then you might/will also get a seam (for example if your texture only tiles from left to right, then if you would set the tiling to something else then 1.0, or 2.0 or 3.0, or… then you will get a seam since then you won’t have left side to right side).

Also maybe take a look on how your skysphere mesh is UV unwrapped.

Thanks for the info, unfortunately the confusing thing for me is that i’m using the basic Unreal Sky-sphere with the repopulated Texture. Where would i go to check the tiling?

Also the weird thing is the seam only appears when hitting play in editor. when in just interface and working on the level, the seam is gone.

UPDATE: I made the sky-sphere half the size and seam is gone. Not sure what other problems this will create but i guess solved for now LOL

You could apply the texture to the sphere shape mesh. If you see a seam then, then it means your texture does not tile.

Strange =)

LOL yea I got no clue how making it smaller made it disappear. hell it got rid of the seam. so ill just accept that til my character walks into the skysphere like the Truman show LOL