Why do I get low-resolution shadows?

Greetings. Why do I get low-resolution shadows every time I build lighting using static lights? I made a proper laid out of my lightmap (spacing, snapping to uv grid… etc) and I assigned a second UV channel to it. Since it’s for a simple object I want to use a 128-res lightmap but the outcome is horrible when using static lights.

This is with stationary lights (it’s rather good)

BUT…The shadow turns too blotchy and low-res when I switch to static light.

I should get a much better result. What am I doing wrong?

This a picture of the lightmap

I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

Please someone

Hey, hi! Did you resolve it? I have the same problem in only half of my diorama… I really don’t know why…


The receiver mesh’s lightmap resolution is too low!
Get a 128 x 128 checker map, put it over your lightmap uvs and you’ll see that the top surface will receive something like 64 x 64 PIXEL lighting information! You can’t draw a proper circle with so few pixels but the pixelated one like your result!

Hey thanks for the answer but I had a weird problem. The shadows remained the same even when the res has being cranked up and the light (all static) baked. Today the problem fixed itself, so honestly idk, thanks again.