Why Destructible Mesh Actors make FPS slow

Hi, There

I’m making The game using Many Destructible Mesh Actors.

Normally, it maintains 90 fps.

when i see a Scene 400 or more placed Actors, it makes fps 30~60

but, placing just static mesh actors, it maintains 90 fps even if i place 1500 or more !

how can i do?

Hi. Destructible meshes are actually a bunch of shard meshes in a collection, so I recommend making a modular blueprint with a static mesh variable and a destructible mesh variable. Then, on construction script, set a static mesh component to the mesh in the static mesh variable, when you fire an event in the blueprint, destroy the static mesh component and create a DM component with its mesh set to your destructible mesh variable. For instance, when you left click line trace, if hit actor is dynamic mesh destruction actor, as dynamic mesh desruction actor, call event programmed to break it. So, if you wanted to break a window you made, simply you would left click and it would break. (You may need to add impulses to have the mesh shatter.

Hi, thanks for explaining that I have been having the same issue with a new first person destructible environment im building. So instead of creating the mesh as a destructible mesh make a modular BP like you said and insert that into the objects so then it acts like a destructible mesh but becomes static again after if I’m getting you right.