Why can I not replicated Pawns

If you look at the Third Player, and advanced driving content, you can replicate the clients because Player Character and Character Controller inherit a network interface that handles the player replications.

I am using a Pawn, and when I have two instances of my game, the Pawn becomes out of sync, or cannot see each other.

Does this mean I will always have to send my player transform to the server every second. My game mode will have 4-10 players. That means, 10 players sending their transform and rotation 60 frames per second, meaning bandwirth lag?

I don’t know now, Tom has a tutorial on blue print multiplayer use pawns, I downloaded his content and couldn’t get it to work.

EPIC have not announced, nor updated multiplayer help.

I am stuck, because I had a cool hover car I wanted to put together, where the game becomes bumper cars + CTF.

What do I do now, use a player character? Put a physics cube on it, and add force / torque locally? Is that possible.


Effectively for Specific pawn you have to handle this by yourself totally. All example, are about human character (a derivated blueprint from pawn, with newtorking stuff preset).

I have several post on hub (search on my nickname) like this one : Pawn networking - Multiplayer & Networking - Epic Developer Community Forums

I ve made some article on my blog (it is not a promotion, or a ad ;)) because there is not lot of documentation on pawn replication :

For information, on object replicated, you can define the time they are replicated (once per second for example), but it you lower the replication time, you have to do lot of interpolation (predictive movement) on client.
For my mind, for movement, the known ratio, is 6 times per seconds.

Hi this content is great, thank you.

So I locally do the input

//Press W - make a force of 1000

//Send Server the force, and tell server to move my pawn

//Then tell all clients (multi cast ) that I have moved ,is this the logic?

You have great content! My man, why are you not famous on the other UE4 programming,

My UE4 can connect to my C#, but during in game, when I close the game pie window, my game doesn’t tell the server It’s closed the socket.

link text

what is the purpose, it to use third party server, to manage chat/connection? I think it is another topic :stuck_out_tongue:
Be carefull, using PIE, you will use connection preset, and by default, there is internal mechanism for connection, done by PIE, and not done in your game, if you don’t program it!

So I preconize that you all launch with command line, to be sure of the right behaviour.
I ve made some article about third party management.