Why are the Point lights in my level so bright?

So, I’m having a hard time with lights. I just placed a few point lights on my level, and for some reason the lighting won’t work. I have absolutely no idea what is happening, why is my scenery is all bright?

They’re all Station lights, but this same thing happened with static lights. I’ve removed the directional light, since I’m looking for a more ‘inside building’ feeling. Any ideas? :frowning:


Hey khelegond -

Have you rebuilt the lighting after deleting your directional light?

Yes, a few times already :frowning: I did the whole re-build, and just the lighting. Nothing.

Hey khelegond -

Ok, can you post a screenshot of the point lights detail panel as well as the material attributes panel for your floor material?

It looks like there’s a lot of indirect lighting, perhaps that’s the overbrightness you want to avoid. You can control this with IndirectLightingIntensity.

Just to answer my own question, my problem was that all those walls and floors on my map were brushes, not static meshes. They weren’t interacting with my lights right, so I transformed them all in static-meshes, and recreated all UV-maps of all respective objects. The problem is a bit deeper on my side (shouldn’t been working with brushes, just for prototyping), but it’s working now. Sorry for the confusion! And thanks for all your answers!