Why are my lights doing this?

I have this strange issue where my spotlights are not just affecting where they are pointing but also, they affect anything that I can see through the physical beam of light regardless of how far away. it is almost like they are 2D. (See image for clarification.)

This resolves when I turn off volumetric lighting but I really want the light beam effect. Any thoughts?

Hey there @BeefyViking! So you’d already gotten the general idea of what’s going on, the volumetric light beam is the cause there. Since the wall is completely pitch black but the water is not, so the white overlay is going to apply harsher to the area directly behind it. You could attempt to lower the intensity of the light but since it’s still volumetric the discrepancy will likely not change too much.

Also every time I see your project I get more and more intrigued!


Thank you! I have sort of begun to understand what you mean since posting this question. I did away with the volumetric fog altogether and am actually getting a pretty good result without it so that’s been nice!

I appreciate you saying it’s intriguing. I certainly hope that’s true when it finally comes out :slight_smile: