Why am I having Problems toggling visibility?

Hi, I am following those light blueprints tutorials and I am following the wall sconce part. I created the class and set everything up. I properly connected the ‘F’ Keybind to ‘Toggle Visibility’ and my ‘SconceLight’ is connected to target but in game, pressing F does not work.
Another note: This is in the EventGraph.
It is such a simple setup and I have no idea how I screwed it up.

Hi Rich,

Post a screen of your Blueprint and I’ll take a look at what’s going on.


I’d guess that you’ve put this into the sconce blueprint’s Event Graph (Rather than the level Blueprint). In this case, you need to specify that the sconce will receive input (As it’s not a player controlled entity like a pawn or vehicle, etc.). You can do this in the blueprint under Defaults>Input>Auto receive input or on a per instance basis in the Details>Input>Auto Receive Input.


This is in the EventGraph of the Actor Class Blueprint for the light

How about the triggers which Enable Input, are those inside the Blueprint as well?

Hi Rich,

You also have to enable input for this actor blueprint, so add an “Event Begin Play” node, and connect it to an “Enable Input” node. Like this:


Ok this worked! I guess because the guy was using an older build, he didnt have to do this. Either that or I overlooked the entire step.

Second what Mike said, I’m assuming those are above your Input F node. You can do it with Triggers like the video or even easier Enable Input when play begins as Mike suggests.