Which to use if i have more than one map with multiplayer game WP or Level Streaming?

Good Morning guys,
I am working on a game and I have 2 maps, The flow I am working on is that I Have a portal on each map that transports my player to another map, so I don’t know which one to use with Gamelift server to make the players see each other and at the same time making my game performance much better, should I use level streaming or World partition
and if I try to use WP how can I separate the 2 maps

Hey there @TheNoobDeveloper! So world partition doesn’t stop you from using things like Server Travel to change maps, so you’d be doing it the same. Otherwise, they are in the same map, your workflow is basically the same.

The primary difference is that with world partition it’s a bit easier loading and unloading different groups/instances and there’s no “persistent world”, you’d have to prepare it a little more with level composition.

Are you having one offline map and one online map?

GM @SupportiveEntity, I Have One offline map with login UI, and two online maps each map have a portal to transport the player to - from another map so confused about how to use this with the world partition

Are you planning to use a dedicated or listen server? As world partition (with streaming levels) doesn’t have official support for listen servers so say if you’re using level location in a large map as your different levels then every cell will be loaded. This is less than ideal for a listen server but not too big of a deal for dedicated servers.

Generally you can still have multiple map files and use ServerTravel command to change between them, however if you’re streaming them in I’d recommend reading this post by Alex K.

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If you’re looking for an in depth resource on world partition multiplayer specifically, I’m afraid I haven’t found one. However I’ll bring some multiplayer resources and the world partition resources as well! Hope they help!

Multiplayer Tutorial Series:

World partition documentation, Data layers will be imperative:

The networking compendium, best way to work with and learn basic networking principles in Unreal.