Which technique is a better approach for Materials and UVs?

Hi, I’ve made 3D models of a modular wall set for use in Unreal, I was wondering which would be a more optimal setup for models and UV’s.

  1. Should I UV the models in such a way that they can be used with most any power of 2 texture and have material instances that can be used on the walls interchangeably?


  1. Should I bake specific materials to the UVs in Blender and have a custom material for each baked UV texture?

I was thinking it would be best to go with the first method and leave baked UV map materials for things like a desk with many objects on top that never moves for example. I just wanted to run this by some Unreal users first.


Like you said, in my opinion the best material for a wall is a seamless UVs with a seamless material that way not only you can change the material you can connect walls to each other with a little tweaking. I have full levels where walls connect to each other with almost no notice of where they start and where they finish and yeah leave the complex UVs for complex stuff.

Thanks for confirming this!