Which Axis is north?

Using Get Control Rotation YAW, are these correct?

0.0 - East
90 - South
180 - West
270 - North

That would make World +X East, -X West. -Y North, +Y South?

it can be whatever you want. Its not built into the engine. Scale isn’t built into the engine, you can work at almost any scale you want. There isn’t a world, so how could there be directions?

Is there something that you were referencing to know directions?

I went with -Y as North because I was using Character Yaw as my baseline

Please note that skeletal meshes coming from Maya, for example the default Blue Guy, has a 90 degree offset and faces +Y by default until you correct it in the component transform. The character class should have an arrow showing you forward, which should be +X.

I suggest not trying to use any other direction as the built in Blueprint library expects +X as forward vector, +Y as side vector and +Z as up vector (as previously mentioned).

For simplicities sake I can see why you would use +X as north, 0.0 degrees Yaw is on the +X axis. In the real world that means East but I guess in the end it doesn’t really matter much, this question was so I could set up a compass using my characters yaw rotation, which I have already done. It’s easy for me to change the letters , I already have the range values for each direction, all they do is set a string variable to whatever letter I assign them

That should be perfectly fine. I didn’t think you literally meant north, as in using a compass. :smiley:

Funny, I was looking for an answer to this to name meshes and reference docs, but it just hit me that it is better to just go with ExteriorWall+X :slight_smile: Stupidity attack

Importing a real point cloud with correct coordinates result:
+X East, -X West. -Y North, +Y South