Whi is the "Sereo off" Console command not working with google VR effectively?

When I execute the “stereo off” console command through blueprints on my running the googlevr plugin on my Samsung S5 the stereo stops but the view is squashed into the right eye stereo and the left eye area is blacked out. It seems that the game loses its memory of the actual viewport size and squashes everything into one side of the screen or just blacks out the other side. Is this a Possible Bug or am i doing something wrong?

The google VR plugin is expecting you to be using 2 x lenses. Hence why the plguin likes to use stereoscopic vision.

When you are using the command “Stereo off”, you are going against Google VR plugin’s wishes. The lenses already have a decided resolution and how they share the screen so all you are getting is one image that fits half the screen.

As for a solution, I am not sure.
I’m guessing you’re trying to create a “VR vision activating in 3… 2… 1…” sort of thing. But I have a feeling this command on it’s own is not going to achieve this.