Where to get foliage textures?

Hi there,

I’m searching over the net but couldn’t find any places where I can get some foliage textures either free or by sell.

I want some textures for speedtree like the broadleaf texture. Is there any site available where I can get textures pack for speedtree? Or someone have any collection want to share please?

Thanks in advance

Have you tried ://www.cgtextures/ ? ://texturelib/ looks decent too.

Those sites doesn’t have textures that I want. I need foliage textures like speedtree has. I have attached one.

Do you have a camera? Go outisde and take some yourself :wink:

At least that is how I get my textures.

Cleanup can take some time though.

I don’t know any places where these textures are sold seperately, but if you purchase an asset from the Unity store with complete trees you do get some textures.

Textures like that are usually made inside a 3D program in high-detail, then baked to a texture map. Check out 3D Motive’s tutorial on Foliage for UDK (still relevant in places), and another good one to look at is FuturePoly’s foliage tutorial.

ALL textures for foliage are usually mesh-specific, so there’s no point googling it to look for pre-made ones, it’s better to learn the technique yourself :slight_smile:

Get the free speedtree from UDK and there you can get more textures that you can use + here ://udkresources/index.php/speedtrees/ :slight_smile: