Whenever I try to build lighting it fails

Whenever I do a normal build or a lighting build it will fail. When I load up a new UE4 project with the third person template it fails. When I build the lighting on a BLANK PROJECT template it gives an error. It has the LightmassImportanceVolume so I am really confused. I attached the output log for when it fails to build lighting. I use version 4.25.1 on my laptop that has a GeForce GTX 1060 with Max-Q Design and i5 processor. Output Log: Build output log - Album on Imgur

Try installing 4.24.3, and opening a blank/empty project or the third person template in it. I’ve read the light build failure in another thread in the forum regarding 4.25.1. I couldn’t open an existing project, one I had downloaded from AnswerHub, in 4.25.1…and it was made in 4.25.1. It’s probable that some things have occurred for 4.25.1 that caused these problems.

I get the light build failure in every UE4 version I use.

What troubleshooting have you tried to get it working?

I have tried disabling antivirus and firewalls, but I’m now stuck on the swarm. I made a post about it: I am having issues with getting swarm to work - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums