When you click on the button there is no action (widget interaction for VR)

I am using UE version 4.19.
When I try to press a button in a 3D widget using the widget interaction (red line), the button does not respond to a click. But the click reacts to the 2D widget that is not visible and takes up all screen space.

Tried the methods described here:

did not help me
I hope the pictures will help in finding the error that I did not find

Hi ,

I recommend changing the left mouse event that you have connected to the press pointer key nodes in your third link to be the VR controller button event you are useing to trigger it. Keep the pointer key nodes as they are.

If that doesn’t help try moving the widget interact Infront of any objects the hand might have. It’s possible there maybe collision in the way such as the hands or the sphere you have.

Hope this helps.

Hello B
I tried your recommendation, but I didn’t manage to do it as it should, apparently the problem is that the 2D widget is rendered covertly and does not allow to handle the process of clicking on the 3D widget, probably there is a way to fix it and it’s not complicated, but I don’t get it. I can throw off a sample project where you can try to fix it, if it doesn’t make it difficult for you!

Hi ,

Yeah if you can provide a download link I can take a look at.

I will be grateful for the help!

Thanks for sending the link I’ve opened it up and I’m looking at it now. What platform are you aiming this project for?

Unreal Engine 4.19
for mobile VR app
thanks for the help

I’ve had a look at the project but I’m a little confused at what is meant to be happening in it are you trying to store the colour picked and then apply it or do something else?. Because the interactions seem to be working in mine. The 2D and 3D widgets are getting pressed.

2D widget works correctly, but 3D widget does not work correctly, it reads information from 2D widget and when pressed with the help of an interactive widget, a completely different button is pressed

I forgot to say that you understood the logic correctly. I’m just trying to understand the engine using such a set of functions. maybe there is another way to solve this problem in other ways, it was just the first thing that occurred to me