When will world partition support static light?

When will world partition support to bake static light? It’s very import for our project, I have no idea to improve performance with a lot of dynamic lights.


Same issue. Can anyone give a reply? @SupportiveEntity

@VictorLerp noted in another thread that development is on hold with no ETA

I would guess it is a long ways off.

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Hey there @lanaya0521! Welcome to the community! So as Ark mentioned, static lighting support for world partition worlds is currently on hold. The situation is a bit trickier than it seems. In the meantime, here’s a short video with a couple of tips to reduce dynamic lighting overhead. It won’t work miracles, and you may already know them:

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on hold?can 5.3version have this feature?if 5.3 won‘t have this feature, our project may turn back to world composition。

Sorry to hear that! The last bit of communication we have on that feature was linked above. It could be temporary or longer term. If I receive any more information in the mean time, I’ll let you know! I’ve bookmarked this post in case.

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Still no updates? Can we expect it in a year or so?

Unfortunately there haven’t been any official updates since then. I do keep record of these threads however, and if I receive any information I’ll update you!

If Epic’s intent is NOT to bake lighting in World Partition levels, then it’s very important that they provide guidance around the new workflow for making the levels performant on lower-end hardware.

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Im also interestet!! With baked lightning for VR projects lumen is to slow or to expensive. Because there is no solution from the engine we need baked lightning.

Hey there @Exetos! Welcome back to the community! The communities call for static lighting in world partition has been heard and will be coming in a future version!


It’s recommended for VR in the meantime to stick to the baked lighting in old school world composition as realtime lighting is still quite expensive for VR titles.


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