When i enable mobile preview my material isnt appearing

When i use mobile preview or running the game on my android device the material isnt appearing

The landscape material has some issues - did you check the Platform Stats output for this material?


This one runs the compiles and shows you the shader compiler error messages.


Yeah i ran it and these are the errors

After running it found out that this the node which keeps giving errors and i am noob to materials sooo did you know like how to replace it…

The Layer Blend node itself should not be a problem. There was a limitation for 3 landscape layers on mobile, but as far as I know, this does no longer exist. So having material functions fed into the layer blend should be ok, then using a Break Material Attributes and feed the required outputs into the material node.

Note: In the above case, I used a Landscape Visibility Mask in addition to cut holes into the landscape (useful for caves etc…)

Not sure about the Height you are returing from your material functions. This makes me believe, that you maybe are going to use some tesselation later on. Tesselation input is not supported on mobile platforms, so this might be causing the problems.