When I build lighting, everything disappears momentarily, and lighting is never built

I have a lightmass importance volume in the scene, and I’m using a stationary directional light (static is turning everything black). I never see a Building Lighting notification as I usually do in the bottom right, and nothing seems to change when I start over with a new light. Here’s a quick video of what’s happening:

(video doesn’t seem to play in browser, you might have to download)

Any ideas?

Hey ianoreo -

Well this is a new one. Can you give me some information about the version of the engine you are using and your DXDIAG information? More importantly though let’s start running some simple tests to rule out some culprits. First, are you running a dual monitor system? If so, look on your second monitor for the Building Light Information pop up. Does it pop up there? Are you running any Engine Scalability settings or Console Variables? As a test, try to eliminate your static meshes and see if you get the same disappearing act. Finally, can you post a screenshot for the directional light’s detail panels?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric,

It looks like the level itself was somehow bugged out. I re-imported my assets to a new level and the problem disappeared. I was running 4.4.1 on Mac, with no scalability / console variables running. Tried getting rid of everything in the scene too and still had the same issue. New level entirely seemed to do the trick. I’ll test on 4.4.2 tonight and see if the same issue is occurring.

Many thanks!