What's the Best Practice to Cast Shadows in First Person Camera from 3rd Person Mesh

Hello Developers,

I am currently building a FPS game and want to have the effect where I can see the full shadow of the player avatar under the first person camera.

This is sort of accomplished by following the setup mentioned in this post How do you setup a First Person game but still use the third person mesh for shadowing? - #2 by Bn_Green. However I am not quite satisfied, here is why: In my setup, the 1st person mesh does not exactly 100% match the transform of the 3rd person mesh in terms of the arms and rifle. In other word, although they share the same mesh, the animation of the 1st person and 3rd person differs a bit and this fact can sometimes cause werid self-shadowing(from 3p mesh to 1p mesh).

I am wondering what’s the golden standard in game industry to address this problem. Is keeping the transform of 1p and 3p the same the only option? Maybe there are some other hacky ways to alleviate this problem(such as modifying the rendering pipeline to prohibit shadow casting from 3p mesh to 1p mesh)?

Thank you very much.

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