What would cause characters and objects to be lit from below on a section of landscape with sun intensity and other light sources set to zero?

We have an imported landscape that originally used a LIghtmass Importance Volume and built lighting. We deleted the volume when we implemented our day/night cycle. Landscape is set to Shadow Two sided. We have since extended the landscape in each direction. On the old map at night, objects and characters (trees etc) appear to be lit from below. On the extended sections of the landscape this is not the case. There is a distinct border around the old map where a character can step from lit to unlit.

This is true in both the PIE and with a built client playing on a dedicated server.

The sun, fog, & etc are all zeroed out at night. The new sections of the map are pitch black.

The unlit state is what we prefer. Is it possible that some of the old light mass settings are polluting the original map?

If not, what else might be causing this problem?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Found our problem. Checked Force No Precomputed LIghting, message said rebuild once to change, did, and now all is as it should be.

Rebuilt with Force No Precomputed LIghting and the problem is resolved. The problem was a Lightmass holdover.