What should the base color be on a non metal if you plan to use a texture map?

in Cryengine you crank the base color to pure white since you’re using a texture map but in Unreal there’s no such talk of what you set base color to when using one. How do I set base color?

Note* same questions applies to roughness and spec. Also, do I use specularity maps in Unreal for non metals? In Cryengine spec is only for metals.


Hi, you just plug the texture into base color. Same for roughness and specular. In UE most of the times leave specular at its default (0.5) and for metals you use metallic and roughness and don’t touch specular at all there.

This learning video from epic might be helpful to understand UEs workflow concerning materials Materials - Understanding the Production Workflow - Unreal Engine (there are some more learning videos about materials, might be time saving in the long run to watch them all)

Okay tutorial seems useful and that answers my question. Thanks