What shall I do to learn to create a real time multplayer client-server game for android in unreal engine 4 using C++ ? Any good YouTube videos?

I am new to Multiplayer game programming and also to Unreal Engine 4. I want to create a Real Time Multiplayer Client-Server game with Unreal Engine 4 for android like Clash Royale. So can you please suggest me some good YouTube videos for learning it. Also I want to know how to create a game which is endlesss and does not has any levels. Mostly like Clash Royale which does not has levels and when the player wants he hits the button to play randomly. I saw some tutorials they all tend to create levels but I don’t want levels. So please help me. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

seriously, we are not your personal google search assistent.

All that can easily be searched using google or alternative search engines.
Please dont be so lazy and google what you need.