What is this texture sample?

I have only these two files that are ripped from a game, and there are only these two types of files:

The first one(I think) is just the base color…
But is the second… a normal map, or should each color be connected to a different thing?
Also… this textures: (can’t upload image but it is all green)
How do I make it work as a normal map and base color… (It’s in RGBA)

And This texture:

when it appears iun the engine the backround is green(and it should be transparent)
And these purpleish squares are supposed to emmit light… how do i fix them?


You just connect your normal map to the Normal the same way you did with the Base Color!
The other texture:

You use the color for the emissive color and you use alpha for mask. You use the second multiplier for the “strength”.

Hi! The first texture you have is a base color for sure, the second one is, depends on how the original material was set, Rougness/Metallic/AO on differents channels. The textures you attached is an emissive and the green you see in the asset is the alpha cannel (the alpha channel sometime have a color, depending how it was saved). Since you haven’t the normal you can try to get something with this site: NormalMap-Online

If I miss something feel free to ask!

Have a nice day :slight_smile: