What is the cheapest lighting and rendering setup possible in Unreal?

I am trying to get the most low spec baseline possible for Unreal game projects.

Have tweaked tons of things with promising results, but want to approach this as if I know nothing, to see what knowledgeable people are doing.
Every knowledge, idea, opinion and wisdom are legit, so do not hold back!

Thank you for your time and may your day be a very good one.

Unlit with shaders/materials that have some emissive value.
You can fake ambient light (not shadows) even some directional or point lights.
And that is cheapest

Thank you for that fast reply!

How do I activate unlit on runtime?

Make unlit materials, and do not place any light in level.
But that unlit way is very extreme cutting off everything that is light related.

For normal ways of optimizing use static lights only and set details while creating project set it to mobile and scalable quality. Then you should look for rendering settings for project.

You can set unlit mode for viewport in editor, and there should be also some console command for unreal projects that forces them to unlit rendering.

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Thank you again.
This shall be plenty to go by for now.

Good weekend to you Nawrot!

In case of someone coming here in the future from a web search and wondering about unlit mode.
There is a way through the post-processing volume set to infinite. The exact method can be found in the Unreal Engine learning portal:

The exact method is taught in the course called:
“Stylize Renders with Post Process Materials.”
The exact method is in the chapter called:
“Flatten the World to the Base Color.”

As I am using Forward Shading / Forward Rendering, this method will not work.