What is causing this Light Reflection??

Hey Guys,

Still havent solved my issue from before. My ‘character/player/camera’ is causing a bright light reflection on anything shiney in my scene (as if holding a powerful flashlight). Where is this coming from and how can I shut this off? This is not coming from a light source in my scene… as it only appears where ‘I’ go in the scene.

Here are a few images of what is happening when I approach a shiney object (in Editor, while playing, and in Cinematic Cameras). Please help!


Here is previous post about this

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Jerry B

try that:

  • Set light roughness to 1
  • Material Specularity 0
  • Material Metalic 0
  • Material Roughness 1

Thanks, but there is no light… this is coming from the POV of the camera. The material is supposed to be shiney and reflective… but is showing a light reflection as if coming from the camera pov only. I have moved around the Reflection Sphere, and it seems to have some affect on this highlight, but still not sure how to ‘detach’ it from my pov.

you have to be lighting the scene somehow… so more then likely u have a point light in there that is causing it… reflections at the moment are handlign that pretty badly on my end… A pointlight turns into a nuclear explosion of brightness in teh reflection… which doesnt match the actual scenes lighting.