What is causing these water reflections?

try using lerp in reflection 0 for far and 1 for near.

Hi there! Whenever I add water (any water material) I get this weird result shown in the video below. If the player is standing on a mountain far away from the ocean, there’s still a reflection of the player in the water. Also, the water reflection is “following” the player and it looks super weird. I start the project from Third Person - Add new level - Default. The huge moving reflection disappears when I add Planar Reflection but the water don’t look as nice. I watched a tutorial with the same water and he didn’t add Planar Reflection so it should be able to work without it.

I would be beyond grateful for any advice. Tommy

That’s more of a shadow than a reflection, isn’t it? What is the light peach colored, rounded corner thing that goes up and down in the background? It appears that’s what the shadow/reflection is displaying on.