What happens with shader?


How to fix it?

Hi BoatKrab,

Do you mean the odd dark spots on some of the meshes?

If so, try rebuilding the level’s lighting (go to the top of the editor and click Build). Alternatively, click the arrow next to Build, which will allow you to build the lighting specifically as well as change the lightmass quality. If the problem persists you may also want to check that you have a lightmass importance volume around the level.

The other possibility I can think of is that the meshes have problematic lightmaps, but that’s probably unlikely to be the issue in the default third person map! If you are ever having similar problems in the future with imported meshes though, remember to check their lightmaps, especially for overlapping UVs.

Good luck!


It still is.

Well now, that is weird… Does this happen when you load up a new project with the third person template, or did it only happen after making changes?

yes you right, It happen when I load up a new project.

Gotcha, well in that case, here are two suggestions…

  1. Try using 4.9 now that it has come out, and see if the problem persists.
  2. Post this as a bug report (especially if it happens in 4.9 too). Here are some instructions How to post a bug report.

Good luck, and sorry I can’t be more help!

Thanks a lot :smiley: