What Happened to GetShadingModel() in MaterialShared.cpp?

I’m trying to define a new shading model behavior by going through the following instructions:
“1. Setup the environment for compiling this shader. This is done by adding a “SetDefine([KEYWORD])” for this shading model.”

I should be able to add it in MaterialShared.cpp. Specifically, there is supposed to be a ‘switch(GetShadingModel())’ function inside ‘FMaterial::SetupMaterialEnvironment(EShaderPlatform Platform, const FUniformExpressionSet& InUniformExpressionSet, FShaderCompilerEnvironment& OutEnvironment) const’ function where I should be able to add ‘SetDefine()’, yet I can’t find it.

Was this changed in 4.23? If so, is there any other way I can do this? Any help would be appreciated.

Nevermind. Found it. Usage of OutEnvironment.SetDefine() functions for adding shading model definitions to the list was moved to HLSLMaterialTranslator.h in UE 4.23.