What GPU's can support GPU Lightmass?

I was trying to bake the lights on my level with the GPU Lightmass option but when i tried to it gave me a message saying “GPU Lightmass requires hardware raytracing which isn’t supported by your GPU”. I have the Support Hardware Ray Tracing activated on my project settings and that makes me question 2 things.

  1. Did it change anything by enabling “Support Hardware Ray Tracing”?
  2. What GPU’s can support Hardware Raytracing for GPU Lightmass?

I’m using an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 i never expected it to do Raytracing but i was looking for a new Graphics Card and i saw the new AMD 6750 XT does it support Hardware Raytracing and can it bake the lights using GPU Lightmass?

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Nevermind! If you are having the same problem i found a way to get the raytracing features to work on any GPU.

  1. Go to C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.(version)\Engine\Config\ConsoleVariables.ini open it with a notepad and add this line “r.D3D12.DXR.AllowEmulatedRayTracing=1”

  2. Get this :
    UnrealEditor-D3D12RHI.dll (2.2 MB)

  3. Go to C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.(version)\Engine\Binaries\Win64, copy the UnrealEditor-D3D12RHI.dll and paste it into the folder, as the file already exists you will need to replace it.

(The next time you start the engine it will take a bit longer to open)


Thank you so much! :pray:

Mrbear99 where did you find the dll ?

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Hi there @Mrbear99,

Hope you’re well!

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Hello! I updated to 5.3.1 and the ability to use GPULightmass disappeared. It seems useless to contact the developers… Can you help me again with the UnrealEditor-D3D12RHI library? ) the previous version gives an error on the new version.

Solved : Cant Enable RayTracing in UE5 (gtx 1060)(Nvidia Pascal) - 5.3 patches

Thank You!