What Are You Working On? Community Screenshots & Videos

Nice! Hoping to see more.

5 day users. I’m just learning UE4, in future i want create shooter game )


Guess which building it is in the background and get a free visitor pass when it is finished! :eek:

-that is, if i ever release it -

Would that be Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, CA? :slight_smile:

Nice one, keep up the good work!

Just a quick update on the Levitate spell, the user interface has been completely redesigned and made in UMG, it works much better and is easier for the user as well, please give me some feedback or suggestions!!

The button textures still need some work but the I like the general feel so far

Close, but no:


It’s the Adler Planetarium. :slight_smile:

Cool stiff, the Ring is made in UMG? Anyway, thanks for the kind words on my video.

Looking good!
Nice wrapping too :wink:

This is a thrust style rocket game I am working on. I am very proud of how far I have come, I have modelled everything myself, made my own camera managers (with a sort of cinematic effect, which you can see in action in that picture), player managers, system for spawning different ships on different bases, homing rockets, explosions etc… All in a low-poly style. The final download should be very small (well, as small as UE4 allows) because, well so far anyway, there are NO textures at all, everything is just coloured materials and meshes with multiple materials

It’s time to work on the UI/HUD but that’s realistic. Then start making some levels. Hopefully one day someone else will show interest too instead of just bein a massive project that I pour most of my time into :confused:

It’s fun to fly

Hi Rodstone, I think its a cool project, I will tone down the amount of colors in the background though, & have a clear contract between the rocket & background. Its quite distracting.

So many cool projects since I last checked! Keep it up guys, I need to step up my game and get some new updates out asap :smiley:

Some really nice stuff here, I feel ashamed to have only one small thing to share from what i’m currently working on.


Taking my first steps into ArchViz.

I’m in the process of buying an apartment on a first floor and decided to throw a model of the apartment into UE4 to toy around with. Need to reiterate on the model a bit (the windows are a bit too narrow and details such as the kitchen are missing and more :stuck_out_tongue: )

One of the things I’m toying with is using materials to help me decide which wall to paint and in what color :slight_smile:

Well, the ring was made in Gimp but it is displayed with UMG lol :wink:

A lot of you people are seriously impressing me with your work.

I have been working on a top down shooter thus far its all been blueprint coding, my background is mainly in art…not that you can really tell at this point lol,it will be in need of a graphical overhaul once I get the basic coding done, just working on the AI at current.

Hopefully you will be seeing and hearing a lot more of this project of mine in the future as it progresses :slight_smile:

@ ExZ, you need to start somewhere, & what you have is a good start. IA is tough.

[COLOR=#333333]PlanetTec “inside the station”
New Vid better lighting/depth of field/[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]new assets

Hi everyone here is a progress video of the game I’m creating that’s currently called RobO Smash. The game is a multiplayer battle game where Players smash on top on their opponents head to destroy them. The last man standing wins. If you have any questions feel, free to ask.

Thanks for the advice. In game it’s not very distracting because it’s very clear that it’s the background etc, but things have moved a lot since then anyway. :slight_smile: