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Testing out the new 4.5 features and made a quick comparison GIF on a single pointlight with and without ray traced distance field soft shadows that was added in 4.5

ue4_softshadows_animated (2).gif

Would like to do some more in-depth comparisons with the new distance field features (the other one being Distance Field Ambient Occlusion) using some proper sample content assets. Might get to write a tutorial type post on that later on.

You should post before 4.5 screenshot to really see the difference.

If you’re talking about the lighting - the GIF transitions between 4.4 and 4.5, with 4.5 being the soft-shadowed of the two.

my project

This game I’ve taught myself Unreal Engine with.

Working on some materials in UE4:



been working on and off for about 2 years in udk 3 and now udk 4…looking for help from cybernetic types…if interested…message me on facebook (I’m home 24/7/365/2014-20xx…
I’m 32 years old…been a gamer since I can remember pressing controllers to operate an atari 1600 (or whatever my uncle had)…

Been modding games since doom shareware version came out and my dad let me use my computer…if anybody is interested in helping I hope to hear from you to make this process more exciting and quicker

Here’s a SciFi Environment I’m working on.
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UMG Implementation of Steam/OnlineSubsystem Friends List

I just finished making a UMG implementation of my Steam’s Friends List!


Some features:

  1. Simply click on friends name to join their game if they are playing same game as you and are hosting

  2. The color of the name indicates if they are online or not!

  3. Tooltip when hovered also tells you if they are online ornot

  4. The list dynamically updates while it is visible, I used ScrollBox -> Clear Children to do this

  5. Actual online interface is completely generic, I am just showing Steam cause that’s what I have :slight_smile:




inspiring material

Rama, you just made yourself my target for mass questioning soon :slight_smile: Going to try and integrate steamworks soon, your resources on it are a great help, thanks.

You’re welcome!

For anyone whose not sure what Osman means, I have made a Wiki on how to integrate Steam with your project!

This works even if you are doing BP only project!

This integration must be done manually for Valve legal reasons, but its really simple!

Epic’s Wiki, Steam + UE4



This is Loomi, the main character of a stealth game I am working on. She is an alien special agent.


This image still has a lot of problems (poor resolution of the eyebrowns and eyelids, the hair has some problems too, etc), but it’s a start. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet work everyone! And thanks Rama for the Steam walkthrough, this was definitely a problem back in UE3 for us with lack of documentation.

I’ve been working with DFAO and DFSS to see if it would be a good fit for Switch. Published a post about this too:




Everything i see in this topic is outstanding :slight_smile:

Here’s something from me:

I have been working on this for a couple days now, most of the bugs have been ironed out and it is working quite good now, this is a preview of how the levitate spell will work. I have given a fair bit of thought as to how the levitate HUD should look and this is what I have, please if you have any ideas as to improvements I would love to hear from you!

I think I’ve pretty nailed Telltale’s look on a technical level.

I wish I had cool visual stuff to show off but I’m more of a blueprint person. I gave UMG a try and made this:

Newest video of current progress.

Awesome thread.

One month & 4 days user. I am working on a first person adventure game.